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We are increasingly using technology to support us in many areas of our daily lives, including our emotional support. Often, people use video link-ups to obtain better services, which in the past may have been out of their grasp due to issues such as distance or time constraints.  The use of the internet has completely changed this so that services are now increasingly available and accessible



So, what are the good points of online support? Well, you can undertake sessions within the comfort of your own home….. all you need is a computer and some quiet space away from everyday noises such as kids, spouses or fellow tenants. You can cut down on travel, and, you don’t even have to dress for the occasion!  Online support also offers greater flexibility, so you can work around your existing commitments far easier than if you needed to attend an appointment 


When I give online support, I use a number of platforms such as Facetime, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom, and others. It is an interactive session, where we can not only engage in verbal support, but we can undertake a range of relevant exercises, supported by paperwork that I can email to you instantly. 


Watch my video so that you can get a sense of how it would feel to get online support.

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All Videos

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"Iain achieved work within one session that I have spent many years in therapy trying to figure out. A truly amazing experience personally with an amazing guide! "

— SUSIE, London.


"I was overwhelmed with the speed and effectiveness of these techniques, particularly after many failed attempts with other therapeutic approaches. "

— MANDY, Goring.

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