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The unconscious mind is where it all happens. It is the seat of our emotions, it represses unresolved issues, controls perception and organises memories.  It takes on millions of bits of information every second and stores these as memories and experiences. Conversely, the conscious mind, the one we pay most attention to, takes on approximately 7 (give or take 2) chunks of information at any one time.  Therefore, it becomes pretty clear that if we want optimum and lasting change, we need to find ways to tap into the deeper resources of our unconscious mind. 

When we listen to a piece of music, read a book, watch a film or listen to a story, when go inward, we are in a hypnotic state. The chattery mind becomes quiet and we are taken over by images, memories, colourful representations and sounds. We regularly go into and out of a trance during our day. How many times have you been lost in the magical movements of a ballet dancer or the emotional tones of an opera? These are examples of trance states. 


Hypnosis uses these natural and healthy states to help you to change habits, behaviour and emotions.  It changes your level of consciousness and allows positive suggestions to take place. Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis. It enables you to become receptive to constructive suggestions. It allows you to access your powerful inner world and make a change on a permanent and deep level. You are in complete control and will not engage in activities that are contrary to your beliefs or values.


Hypnotherapy is an elegant complement to NLP Suggestions that are taken on at a deeper level will always develop long-lasting and positive changes in your life.  As a qualified hypnotherapist, I can offer you bespoke sessions, aimed specifically at your area of potential development, designed to be of maximum benefit.


"You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favourable climate to learn"


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