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Have you ever been in that place where it all seems effortless? Written that essay you’ve been procrastinating over in what seems like a matter of minutes?  Ever been working on that project and when you look at the clock, it's 4 am? That easy, effortless, magical state is known as flow. How would you like to be able to harness this state and be able to conjure this up at will? Surely this would be a game-changer? the ability to turn on this peak state just when you need it.


So what is flow and how do you work it?  Flow state is a natural, biological process where the body stacks the feel-good chemicals in a particular order at a specific percentage. If the body produces these in an explicit way, then you achieve the flow state. It is an organic, effortless place where time feels suspended, tasks effortless and you feel unshakable.  It’s an emotional state where it feels as if nothing can go wrong and its all in slow motion! It is the ability to ramp up your peak state to the point where you feel like you are totally in alignment with yourself


It’s been said that in achieving flow state, you can increase your productivity by 500%. In doing this you can either be way ahead of the competition or, if you choose, you can do a week’s work in a day and have the rest of the week off!


In order to attain this, two things are necessary, you need to know what the state feels like and you need to have the ability to induce this sensation.  If you can do this, your productivity will spike and your ability to manage your life will improve significantly. 


By using specific NLP techniques, you can develop the ability to ignite this sensation any time that you choose. You literally have the push button controls to your emotions.  If you are about to go into an important presentation or a sporting activity that requires total attention, then you can call upon this unique state to help you through this. In fact, if at any time you need to experience a peak state, if you know how to do it, you can summon this sensation. It’s just a matter of having the tools and the knowledge to press the “action” button. 


You no longer have to be a slave to your emotions. You don’t have to wait for the moment to take you in order to get on with it. You now have the power at your calling to move into a more resourceful state any time you like. With peak performance coaching, I can guide you through the application of this process and how it can be generalised into all areas of your life.  Flow state is the biggest game-changer for anyone looking to access high-performance states, and it is literally at your fingertips.

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