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"Within a few sessions with Iain I felt I had more understanding of my depression and anxiety, and had developed more coping mechanisms than ALL the years of counselling I'd had. I started my work with him with some anxiety, but these were quickly dispelled nay his friendly and honest approach. He has a great approach and is easy to relate to."


"After a tough few years with various trauma’s/experiences, I ended up with numerous anxieties, limiting beliefs and feeling very down. I met Iain and very quickly realised that he “got me”.  He was welcoming, understanding and very supportive and he has really helped me feel more like myself again. I have tried counselling and CBT before, and thought they were OK, but I just felt like I was dragging up the past without dealing with anything, but NLP is very different, I really liked it and it really worked for me. Through various techniques Iain has helped me to take back control, see things how they really are, deal with how I feel and more importantly, move on and look to the future. Iain really is a master practitioner!, and I thank him for his kindness, generosity and for helping me so much."



"I was experiencing difficulties with certain food types which were hard to give up. I decided to undertake some NLP therapy with Iain and he gave me self-belief that I would be able to make the changes that I wanted to achieve. After 3 sessions my craving for these food types disappeared.


I was overwhelmed with the speed and effectiveness of these techniques, particularly after many failed attempts with other therapeutic approaches. I would thoroughly recommend Iain’s services; he delivers an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive approach. I would absolutely call upon him again if needed.".




"My wedding was a few weeks away and I had everything under control ... apart from my emotions. Every time I imagined standing opposite my partner during the ceremony I would end up in tears, albeit happy ones! I didn't want to cry on the most special day of my life, I wanted to enjoy and remember every second rather than panic about losing control.


I saw Iain for just 2 sessions and undertook some hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. I cannot describe how easy it was and experienced the most wonderful feeling of calm whenever I thought about my upcoming wedding ceremony. I did not cry on the day! I loved every moment and still experienced the whole range of good emotions, just without having to mop myself up and re-do my makeup!


My wedding was a truly wonderful experience and my sincerest thanks go out to Iain for his help."




"Iain has enabled me to develop a much deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. After feeling like CBT had failed me I felt doubtful about my recovery from depression. Iain has provided me with the right tools and techniques, through NLP and hypnotherapy, to change negative perceptions about myself and my experience of living, in to more positive, accepting and compassionate thoughts.


I instantly felt comfortable through his patience, understanding and humanity. He has played a huge role in my journey to recovery, and constantly reminds me how far I’ve come. This could only have happened with his guidance, he is a truly wonderful practitioner and person."




"I had a session with Iain focusing on NLP  timeline and releasing emotion, particularly around shame. Iain made me feel at ease, was extremely knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. Iain achieved work within one session that I have spent many years in therapy trying to figure out. A truly amazing experience personally with an amazing guide! Thank you Iain."



"Before I started seeing Iain I was lorded over by anxiety, and I couldn't figure out why. My brain was a bleak thick fog and I had no idea how to move away from it. In our sessions, Iain helped me to pinpoint triggers and help me overcome them - it was like being given a lantern and slowly but surely, with Iain's brilliant help I was able to see a path in the fog. If I'm honest I was incredibly sceptical about therapy due to previous negative experiences but I can honestly say that it's changed the way I live. Instead of getting lost in negative thoughts and emotions I am able to take a step back, recognise them and deal with them in a healthy way, and so take away their power. Iain is not only a skilled NLP practitioner but also a compassionate, kind and generous person who I feel very lucky to have met. Thank you Iain!"


"From my first interaction with Iain, I felt understood, respected and like he was extending a hand to give me the help and hope that previous therapy hadn’t managed to give me. After one session, we had made progress, and I felt more in control of my anxiety. Iain bought enthusiasm, innovation and his extensive experience in the mental health field to tailor therapy techniques to my personal situation. During my hardest times, Iain was there to give me a boost, and tell me I was going to be ok. After working for a longer period of time with Iain, I am moving towards becoming my best self. Iain’s unrelenting support throughout my journey gave me confidence to dig deep and do the inner work. 

I cannot recommend working with Iain enough."





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