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Hello, I am Iain Adenis of Next Steps NLP Solutions and I will be working with you!


NLP Master Practitioner and Personal Coach, based in Sussex, I work in a range of ways to help people achieve their dreams and goals.


I have worked for people with emotional difficulties for 35 years. I have used a range of therapies, including CBT and person-centred counselling. 

Originally I qualified as a nurse, working for people with a range of disabilities and specialising in helping those with difficulty managing their lives.

I continued with my academic and professional career, obtaining a Bachelor's and Master’s degree, as well as qualifying as a teacher.

I have worked in various settings, including treatment units, hospitals, residential settings, community-based teams and a local university. ​Needless to say, I have worked with some unique and interesting people.

Iain Adenis

I am a member of the ANLP, INLPTA and ABH.  You can also find me on the Life Coach Directory .


Having obtained everything that I had dreamed of…the house, the career, the family, the respect, the status etc, my life took a turn for the worse. The things that I was told would make me feel happy and fulfilled, just left me feeling empty, distressed and lost. I became depressed, and my situation became desperate as I turned to unhealthy coping habits. Realising that I could not fix myself I looked for help.


On this journey I discovered NLP and soon realised that many other techniques that I had acquired over the years were good, but were either time consuming or over complicated. I was amazed at the effectiveness at which results were obtained with NLP. Through personal experience, I understood that NLP could get results that many other psychological techniques could achieve, but in a more time efficient and targeted way. 


Using NLP techniques I looked at many aspects about myself, my self sabotage, limiting beliefs and self defeating patterns, this gave me clarity and the courage to be honest with myself about what I really wanted from life. At this point, I felt wary that I would be facing a painful process.  Far from it! This was the most exciting time of my life, revealing many things that I did not know about myself, and discovering a way out of the darkness.

Doing these things enabled me to change direction Today I help people to realise their dreams, work toward them and unblock the path to their success.


I help people to move away from painful emotional places, to plan their dream career and future and in doing so, free themselves from the blockages that have kept them in a stuck in a behaviour pattern or place in their life. 

Ian Adenis

"Iain has played a huge role in my journey to recovery. This could only have happened with his guidance, he is a truly wonderful practitioner and person."

— MEGAN, Lewes.


"Iain is not only a skilled NLP practitioner but also a compassionate, kind and generous person who I feel very lucky to have met. Thank you Iain!"

— BG, Worthing

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