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Do you worry about the future? Does your mind paint a bleak picture about how things are going to be? Do you have a sense that something is going to happen, and it may well be bad?! Then you may be experiencing features which are known as anxiety.


Anxiety is described as a “general feeling of unease”. We all feel this way from time to time, and often it is a healthy response to a set of external conditions, preparing us for action. It is a natural biological reaction to a perceived danger, triggering a “fight or flight” process. If though, these feelings are persistent or have a marked impact on your wellbeing, it may be useful to get some help to sort this out.


"Before I started seeing Iain I was lorded over by anxiety, and I couldn't figure out why. My brain was a bleak thick fog and I had no idea how to move away from it. In our sessions, Iain helped me to pinpoint triggers and help me overcome them - it was like being given a lantern and slowly but surely, with Iain's brilliant help I was able to see a path in the fog."


It has been said that a little bit of anxiety can be helpful in preparing us for difficult situations. This may be true, however, I would prefer to be in charge of this set of emotions because when anxiety spirals beyond our control the feelings can be debilitating. 





Many approaches to anxiety focus on managing your behaviour. This in itself is helpful, but sometimes it can feel like you are just managing the symptoms. With NLP I look at the underlying beliefs that you have attached to your anxiety. For example, you may become anxious in crowded places. You may choose never to go to a crowded place, but that would limit your life experiences. You may choose to undertake some relaxation techniques but that may not resolve the belief, because the belief may be that crowded places represent danger or risk. This may have come from difficult past events or even a pattern of events. NLP offers an elegant range of ways of exploring and changing those beliefs. This means that you don’t have to micromanage each situation as it comes along, as your underlying worry has been taken away.


Let go

of what you can't control


Sheri Bessi Eckert

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