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“If it wasn’t for......... I would..........”

“Whenever I......... then......... happens”

(fill in the gaps at your leisure)


The unconscious mind has an odd sense of order. At a very early age, we often tell ourselves a story about how our life is going to be, as a direct result of a particular experience. For example, if you had a trauma that led you to believe that the world is a dangerous place, then you placed yourself in front of the most complicated computer on the planet (your mind) and wrote a programme called “the world is a dangerous place,” it would run… and run… and run. The unconscious mind would look for every example that fitted in with this programme. No wonder you think that the world is a dangerous place! Any information that contradicted this belief would be excluded as it would not fit in with your worldview.


It is necessary to do this as the unconscious mind takes on so much information. Its job is to make sense of this sensory stimulus.  However, if this information does not serve a purpose anymore (it may well have served a purpose at some stage) or gets in the way of your emotional growth, then it is a limiting belief.  If your beliefs are not in alignment with your values or simply gets in the way, then it may be useful to look at these and change those beliefs.


Your limiting beliefs, and therefore your limiting decisions, will guide the way you view life, how you act toward situations and how you relate to other people. NLP offers a skillful and elegant way of exploring these issues and helping you to change the beliefs that prevent you from flourishing. 




'Iain has enabled me to develop a much deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Iain has provided me with the right tools and techniques, through NLP and hypnotherapy, to change negative perceptions about myself and my experience of living, in to more positive, accepting and compassionate thoughts.'



Everything in your life is a reflection

of a choice you made



Make a different choice

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