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What is Mindset Coaching? ​ Life can take peculiar twists and turns. Our dreams as children and adolescents can seem distant and unreachable in the stark light of the burdens of the day. We could find ourselves in a loving relationship, with wonderful children, a secure job and financial stability…yet still feel unfulfilled! What’s that all about? ​


Often we tell ourselves that we should be grateful, we could count our blessings or we must try harder with what we’ve got. But the shoulds, coulds and musts just don’t get anywhere near satisfying our dreams or aspirations. ​


The brain is a lazy piece of kit. It likes to form patterns, take the easy road, preserves our energy, and works toward a sense of safety and security…it’s all in the wiring. When our dreams are in conflict with the need for predictability and stability, the brain usually wins out, because we hold a belief that the brain knows better than us! Atrophy is a slippery slope and seems difficult to react against. ​


During our lives, we often form a belief, or indeed a cluster of beliefs, and we build an impression of the world based on those notions. Traumatic episodes and poor experiences can influence the decisions we make about life. And constantly running in the background is the nagging brain telling you that life needs to be safe and easy! ​


Mindset coaching helps you to look at that faulty wiring. We look at the beliefs, and values we judge ourselves on, and unpack those which either don’t serve us or indeed hold us back. Many beliefs served a positive function at some time in your life. The problem is that we have outgrown them, and they no longer serve a purpose but keep on running. Mindset coaching helps you neutralise those beliefs and fire up your chosen neural networks (aka your wiring) to give you a new, refreshing meaningful outlook on your life, your future and your wellbeing. ​


You don’t have to do this on your own. Imagine you are lost in a quagmire… a mushy swamp surrounded by darkness and fog. It’s safe where you are, to some degree, because its familiar. But there seems to be no way out, the fog blinds you, and there are risks (when there are risks, the mind will happily add colourful detail!!). What you need is a torch, to see just a little way ahead of you. You then need a map (or some direction as to a way out), and then you need a compass to point you in the right direction. Finally, you need someone to show you how to read the map, use the compass, and walk the path with you a little, until you have found your own way. In a nutshell, that’s mindset coaching!

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