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Many of us come to a time in our lives where we feel unfulfilled or lacking in motivation. We have either hit a point where we have achieved our main goals or are having difficulty in moving from a stuck place. We no longer feel intellectually or physically challenged, or our current lifestyle no longer satisfies us. We can feel unmotivated or have problems in seeing the next step to achieving our dreams.


What you need is a plan! It's been said that a dream will remain a dream unless you add some steps to it (and write it down), and here’s where a plan can be the perfect vehicle to achieve this. NLP offers a range of tools and strategies to help you to get a clear picture of where you want to go in life, and how you are going to get there. By working at a deeper level, NLP can help you truly understand your motivations, values, beliefs and attitudes, and therefore guide you in shaping your purpose in life. 


We can provide a framework for helping you to realise those dreams, plan your goals and move towards them. We often have things that get in our way – we have limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviours. Coaching can help remove these obstacles and inspire you toward getting what you want out of life.

You can expect a supportive and motivating space to explore these issues, detail them and to work through, step by step so that your dreams can become a reality. Whether that are personal, health-related or career orientated, NLP will help you get there!

'Iain is intuitive, responsive and genuinely passionate about helping others to grow and develop, giving them the tools that enable them to build their own success stories'



"PURPOSE is the why


VISION is the Strategy

GOALS are the specific steps that will get you there"

Bob Proctor

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